From homes to cars to our very own lives, we protect the things we care about most. So, the same should go for well thought-out vacation and travel plans. While you can agonize over each and every detail of your itinerary, being up to date on the most efficient and cost-effective travel insurance is key to keeping your cool on any upcoming trip.

Carry the Right Credit Card

Before you take the time and energy to research and purchase travel insurance for your next vacation, you should first take a look at your own wallet. Your everyday credit card may have some amazing and versatile travel insurance perks that you don’t even know about. For example, if you have to cancel an upcoming flight prior to departure due to illness or injury, your credit card might cover all of the non-refundable fees. Additionally, if the airline loses you luggage or something breaks at the hands of the airline you’re flying with, you may be looking at a full refund if you booked your flight with your credit card. These services vary based on your provider but can help, even when it comes to small inconveniences, like an item being left on the plane after landing.

Medical Must Have

Whether you’re flying with a loved one that is prone to injury or simply take pride in always being prepared, medical evacuation insurance can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency while traveling. It covers many types of medical evacuations, from helicopter and ambulance rides, to emergency staff coming aboard a plane due to an in-flight emergency. For many, this is a must-have tool that provides piece of mind to travelers venturing near or far. Whether you’re abroad or just visiting a neighboring state, this helpful service can get you home to the hospital of your choosing in the event that you become ill or injured while traveling.

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