Save 20% on travel to Europe with the latest promo deal from WOW air.

Fares are valid for travel April 24 through July 31.

Enter promo code WOWSALE when booking to apply discount to the base fare.

All bookings must be made by 6:59pm, April 24.

Fares include:

Boston to Reykjavik $275 round-trip, nonstop

Newark to Reykjavik $275 round-trip, nonstop

Pittsburgh to Reykjavik $275 round-trip, nonstop

San Francisco to Reykjavik $278 round-trip, nonstop

Miami to Reykjavik $281 round-trip, nonstop

Toronto to Reykjavik CAD$307 round-trip, nonstop

Montreal to Reykjavik CAD$323 round-trip, nonstop

Baltimore to Reykjavik $331 round-trip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Reykjavik $331 round-trip, nonstop

San Francisco to Amsterdam $343 round-trip

Baltimore to Amsterdam $375 round-trip

Newark to Amsterdam $375 round-trip

Boston to Amsterdam $399 round-trip

Miami to Amsterdam $399 round-trip

Los Angeles to Amsterdam $399 round-trip

Montreal to Amsterdam CAD$535 round-trip

Toronto to Amsterdam CAD$536 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Amsterdam $556 round-trip

Newark to Paris $329 round-trip

San Francisco to Paris $361 round-trip

Baltimore to Paris $377 round-trip

Boston to Paris $377 round-trip

Miami to Paris $385 round-trip

Los Angeles to Paris $401 round-trip

Toronto to Paris CAD$484 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Paris $500 round-trip

Montreal to Paris CAD$516 round-trip

San Francisco to Berlin $348 round-trip

Miami to Berlin $364 round-trip

Newark to Berlin $380 round-trip

Baltimore to Berlin $404 round-trip

Boston to Berlin $404 round-trip

Toronto to Berlin CAD$407 round-trip

Los Angeles to Berlin $467 round-trip

Montreal to Berlin CAD$667 round-trip

San Francisco to London $359 round-trip

Newark to London $367 round-trip

Boston to London $399 round-trip

Miami to London $399 round-trip

Toronto to London CAD$478 round-trip

Montreal to London CAD$534 round-trip

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