Icelandair has dropped fares from the US to Europe for spring/summer travel.

Travel dates will vary slightly by route, ranging from April 12 through August 15. See our fare details for specifics.

Fares require a minimum Saturday night stay, with an allowed maximum of 30 days.

Tickets must be booked by Monday, February 20.

Fares include:

Washington DC to Paris $481 round-trip

Minneapolis to Paris $481 round-trip

Portland to Paris $581 round-trip

Washington DC to London $467 round-trip

Boston to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

Boston to Munich $581 round-trip

Boston to Oslo $382 round-trip

New York to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

New York to Oslo $382 round-trip

Newark to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

Newark to Oslo $382 round-trip

Philadelphia to Amsterdam $582 round-trip

Washington DC to Munich $431 round-trip

Washington DC to Zurich $431 round-trip

Minneapolis to Amsterdam $582 round-trip

Minneapolis to Munich $581 round-trip

Portland to Amsterdam $680 round-trip

Portland to Zurich $681 round-trip

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