From LOT Polish: Deals to Europe for Winter/Spring Travel

Save on winter/spring flights to Europe with the current sale from LOT Polish Airlines.

Travel from Los Angeles is valid from April 3 through May 31, from Chicago, New York, and Toronto from February 14 through March 31.

Tickets must be booked by February 2.

Fares include:

New York to Warsaw $750 round-trip

New York to Sofia $630 round-trip

New York to Odessa $534 round-trip

New York to Gdansk $650 round-trip

New York to Katowice $650 round-trip

New York to Kiev $500 round-trip

New York to Poznan $650 round-trip

Toronto to Krakow $877 round-trip

Toronto to Warsaw $948 round-trip

Toronto to Gdansk $877 round-trip

Chicago to Budapest $500 round-trip

Chicago to Katowice $650 round-trip

Chicago to Poznan $650 round-trip

Chicago to Sofia $600 round-trip

Chicago to Odessa $520 round-trip

Los Angeles to Warsaw $703 round-trip

Los Angeles to Katowice $703 round-trip

Los Angeles to Brussels $604 round-trip

Los Angeles to Budapest $603 round-trip

Los Angeles to Riga $603 round-trip

Los Angeles to Odessa $602 round-trip