Let it never be said that Las Vegas is not a full-service destination. Where else on the planet can you eat a pile of nachos the size of a small state in Mexico, stay up drinking and gambling and dancing until 6 o'clock in the morning, only to stumble down the hallway into one of the world's best spas, where every terrible thing you did over the past few days can be erased by an hour in, say, a Moroccan-themed hammam? Okay, perhaps there are other places in the world where this is possible, but does any other city make it quite so easy? Next time you tear it up in Sin City, trust these very good spas to have you back together in one piece, in no time at all.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Venetian

Treatments are almost an afterthought at this cavernous pleasure palace, one of the world's largest spas at a rather insane 134,000 square feet. Here, the Aquavana bathing circuit (bathing suit optional – the facilities aren't co-ed) is the centerpiece of the experience, featuring steam, rain showers, sauna, an herbal laconium room, massage fountains and the bone-chilling Igloo room, featuring arctic air, cooling mists and soothing, colorful fiber optics.  

Qua Baths & Spa, Caesars Palace

Hidden away in the Augustus Tower, there's a good reason Caesars refers to this Roman-themed facility as a baths and spa, rather than the other way around—so extensive are Qua's offerings, it's possible to spend the day without even signing up for a treatment. Relax however you want – in the various pools, under various streams of running water, in rooms where you can steam, rooms where snow will fall on you, on heated benches where you can nap, and so forth. Need to hydrate? There's a tea sommelier for that.

Sahra Spa & Hammam, Cosmopolitan

One of the city's most elaborate spa facilities (and that's saying something), this labyrinthine gem is composed of over 400 tons of Nevada sandstone, with a design that transports you far to the east and back in time, even while rooted firmly in the present time and place. Here, a traditional hammam experience is complimented by personalized, 50-minute soap ritual services that include a scrub, a steam and a follow-up rub down with Tangerine Fig Butter moisturizer.

Bathhouse Spa, Delano

This now-classic facility was an early adopter on the local luxury front, its rich, slate interiors and moody ambiance almost singlehandedly revolutionizing the way Las Vegas looked at spas. At just 16,000 square feet, even its sleek, public soaking pool areas feel marvelously intimate. Unwind along with friends in the sauna, steam room and plunge pools, then take it private with a relaxing and reenergizing bath – there's a whole menu to choose from.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

The city's most traditional (and perhaps most opulent) experience is offered here, often with a panoramic view of the colorful chaos on Las Vegas Boulevard below. The outside world may seem like its within reach at all times, but there's no way it could ever reach you – start your visit by slipping into the marbled motherstone hammam chamber lit by blue stars, for a traditional Turkish scrub.

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