Save up to 30% on fall fares via the current promo code offer from Virgin America.

You'll find the lowest fares available for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from December 10 through March 4.

Enter promo code TINYFARES to apply discount to the base fare.

Avoid blackouts from December 21 through December 31, January 1 through January 4, January 13, January 16, and February 16 through February 21.

Be sure to check our fare details for specific rules and restrictions.

Tickets must be booked by Tuesday, November 29.

Fares include:

New York to Ft Lauderdale $132 round-trip

New York to Las Vegas $230 round-trip

New York to Los Angeles $258 round-trip

New York to San Francisco $237 round-trip

New York to Dallas $150 round-trip

Newark to Los Angeles $258 round-trip

Newark to San Francisco $272 round-trip

San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale $244 round-trip

San Francisco to Honolulu $321 round-trip

San Francisco to Kahului, Maui $342 round-trip

San Francisco to Austin $232 round-trip

San Francsico to Denver $132 round-trip

San Francisco to Palm Springs $140 round-trip

San Francisco to Portland $115 round-trip

Washington DC to Los Angeles $243 round-trip

Washington DC to San Francisco $357 round-trip

Dallas to Las Vegas $132 round-trip

Dallas to Los Angeles $153 round-trip

Dallas to San Francisco $185 round-trip

Boston to Los Angeles $239 round-trip

Boston to San Francisco $285 round-trip

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