Save on flights to Poland with the current sale from LOT Polish Airlines.

Fares are valid for travel from November 1 through December 15, and again from January 15 through March 31.

Tickets must be booked by September 21.

Fares include:

New York to Warsaw $502 round-trip, nonstop

Chicago to Warsaw $502 round-trip, nonstop

Toronto to Warsaw $699 round-trip, nonstop

New York to Gdansk $503 round-trip

New York to Katowice $503 round-trip

New York to Krakow $503 round-trip

New York to Poznan $502 round-trip

New York to Wroclaw $502 round-trip

New York to Rzeszow $503 round-trip

New York to Szczecin $503 round-trip

Chicago to Krakow $503 round-trip

Chicago to Gdansk $503 round-trip

Chicago to Poznan $503 round-trip

Chicago to Katowice $503 round-trip

Chicago to Rzeszow $503 round-trip

Chicago to Szczecin $503 round-trip

Chicago to Wroclaw $502 round-trip

Toronto to Rzeszow $705 round-trip

Toronto to to Szczecin $705 round-trip

Toronto to Wroclaw $706 round-trip

Toronto to Gdansk $707 round-trip

Toronto to Poznan $705 round-trip

Toronto to Katowice $706 round-trip

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