Air China is offering reduced fares to both Japan and South Korea for fall travel.

Fares are valid for travel from September 1 through December 9.

Avoid blackout dates for outbound travel from October 5 through October 15, and on return flights from September 30 through October 3.

Fares include:

New York to Hiroshima $604 round-trip

New York to Daegu $624 round-trip

New York to Naha $613 round-trip

New York to Seoul $618 round-trip

New York to Tokyo $637 round-trip

New York to Nagoya $628 round-trip

Newark to Busan $624 round-trip

Newark to Fukuoka $613 round-trip

Newark to Osaka $632 round-trip

Houston to Daegu $883 round-trip

Houston to Hiroshima $853 round-trip

Houston to Sapporo $806 round-trip

Washington DC to Busan $931 round-trip

Washington DC to Tokyo $772 round-trip

Los Angeles to Osaka $555 round-trip

Los Angeles to Seoul $541 round-trip

San Francisco to Osaka $603 round-trip

For a complete look, visit our fare listings for New York, Newark, Houston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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