If you're like me, you probably had your swimsuit packed the second the temperature hit sixty degrees. But that's not the only thing you need to pack for the beach. Keep your beach bag stocked with these time-tested essentials to prepare for a busy day on the shore.

'Do Big Small Things'

It's time to put away your adult coloring books, but keep the markers because the latest in adult activity books has just hit the shelves. Do Big Small Things is a colorful adventure book from Bruce Poon Tip (founder of G Adventures). It's perfect for exercising the creative muscles of any inspired traveler.

The book includes personal travel stories and poems, inspirational messages from other cultures, and creative and thoughtful challenges in the spirit of travel. It encourages you to write your own playlists, invite friends (or animals) to leave their mark, or memorialize one of your favorite travel experiences any way you like. The pages are beautiful and the challenges are a fun and inspiring way to reflect on your travels. Available on Amazon for $12..

Turkish Towels

You'll find rave reviews about Turkish towels, sometimes known as Peshtemal towels, all over the Internet. These cotton towels feel like silk and take up less room than a normal beach towel, in addition to being highly absorbent and quick-drying. And they come in many colors and patterns to best fit your personality (and match your bathing suit, of course.) Available on Amazon starting at 15.99.

Anti-Frizz Sheets

For those of us prone to frizz, humidity is our natural enemy. As a traveler, I've put my curly hair through some very humid and sticky destinations, and I never thought there was a way to control my frizz on the go—until now.

If you've already discovered the power of coconut oil, think of these Anti-Frizz Sheets from Nunzio Saviano as a portable solution. Just swipe it over your hair and watch the coconut oil melt away your fly-aways and tame your hair. Small and thin enough to fit in your wallet, these individually wrapped sheets will be a lifesaver before any summer photo-op. Available on Amazon for $18.p>

Life Jacket Blue Tooth Speaker

What's the point of a summer vacation if you have to stay dry to listen to your favorite music? Your music should go wherever you go, which is why I can't get enough of the Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker. Not only is it dustproof, sand-proof, shockproof, and waterproof, it also floats in water and has up to 10 hours of battery life. Since it's Bluetooth, you'll be able play music from your phone while you take the speaker for a dip. Available on Amazon for $117.32.


Love selfies, but hate selfie sticks? Podo is a "stick-and-shoot" camera that will bring your selfies to the next level. Simply stick it to any nearby surface, adjust the position, and take the photo from an app on your phone. Keep the back clean and you'll be able to reuse Podo over and over again, and you'll never have to bring a selfie-stick again. Available at podolabs.com for $99.

Water-Resistant Blanket

No one likes a wet blanket, so it's time to invest in a beach blanket that can withstand a little water. We like this water-resistant blanket from ITEMporia for its waterproof bottom and water-resistant top. Big enough for all your family and friends to enjoy, this blanket also folds compactly and is easy to carry around. Available on Amazon for $18.99.

Dezzio Beach Bag

Probably the most important thing to remember on your trip to the beach is the bag itself. While beach bags come in all different styles and uses, I'm obsessed with this extremely functional beach bag from Dezzio. It holds your towel, protects your electronics, keeps your drinks cold, and even charges your phone, satisfying every need you could possibly want in a beach bag. While the successful Kickstarter campaign that launched this bag has just ended, I can't wait to try out the final product. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo Indemand starting at $69.

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