Traveling solo? Don't tell everyone that. There's no harm in inventing a little white lie about your partner who's back at the hotel room or the friend you're meeting later. Admitting you're by yourself on the road can leave you vulnerable to scams, or worse.

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We're not saying that you can't strike up conversations and enjoy being on your own while traveling, but creating at least the initial illusion of a safety net with a fictional travel companion (who just happens to not be around at that moment) can help keep you safe. Here are some situations we can think of in which this lie can come in handy:

  • Fending off unwanted advances.
  • An easy out with persistent sellers: (for example, "Oh, I can't buy that without consulting my husband, but he's back at the hotel. Maybe we'll come back later").
  • An excuse not to join an activity that you don't want to do—"Sorry, my friend is waiting for me at the hotel; I have to get back!"

If you want to go even further, embellish the story by picking up two room keys when you check in (you never know who might be watching).

What lies do you tell when you're traveling?

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