Travel puts our bodies through a lot, whether we're stifling our circulation on long flights or shocking or digestive systems with new foods. We've shared a lot of tips and tricks about how what you eat can affect the way you feel when traveling, but now we've discovered that it's not just about avoiding the junk food. Certain foods known as "superfoods" are packed with vitamins and other health benefits and can prevent some of the worst travel symptoms. Incorporating any of these foods into your diet before and during travel will ensure that you'll have a healthier and happier trip.


When it comes to superfoods, quinoa is one of the most popular. It's easy to find this grain incorporated into crackers, breads, and cereal. It's high in fiber and high in iron, which makes it perfect for combating altitude sickness. Since the body compensates for the reduced oxygen by making more red blood cells, you'll want to keep your diet iron-rich to ease any nausea caused by altitude. For this reason, any meal with quinoa is perfect whether you're about to board a long flight or go for a hike.

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Nothing ruins a trip like getting sick, which is why you'll want to get in the habit of asking for water with lemon. Because lemons are rich in Vitamin C, they act as an immune booster that will help you ward off fevers and colds.


Anyone who's spent a long day sightseeing while simultaneously combatting jet-lag after a long-haul flight with no sleep knows how tiring traveling can be. To prepare for long and exhausting travel days, you can fill up on beets to boost your stamina.

Dark cherries

If you have trouble falling asleep on planes, dark cherries are the perfect mid-flight snack. They are a wonderful natural source of melatonin, which eases your nervous system and helps you fall asleep.


When you're perusing the hotel fruit salad, make sure you don't skip the cantaloupe. This super fruit is rich in Vitamin C and potassium, which will give you more energy. It also contains adenosine, which can help reduce the effect of altitude sickness.


For pretty much any ailment, ginger is the perfect remedy. Ginger helps your muscles relax, reduces headaches, relieves congestion, eases your stomach, and when ground up and applied as a paste, it can even help treat sun damage. Whether you incorporate ginger into your meals or just treat yourself to a cup of tea before bed, keeping this super root around is a good idea.

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Persimmons, also known by the Greeks as "the fruit of the gods" are extremely tasty and also extremely good for you. These sweet fruits aid in the creation of red blood cells, which reduce your chance of motion or altitude sickness.


If you're feeling nauseous or suffering from digestion troubles, peppermint is a great way to fight back. Like ginger you can drink it as tea or you can chew on mint leaves to relieve nausea.


When you're trying a lot of new and foreign foods, indigestion is never far away, which is why yogurt is the best food to combat an unhappy stomach. Probiotic yogurts are filled with good bacteria that will support a healthy digestive system.

Goji Berries

These tart little berries are the perfect snack to keep in your travel bag, especially when you have some long days ahead of you. Goji berries are a natural source of energy and also help ward off sickness by boosting your immune system and your circulation.


Everyone knows bananas are a great source of energy in the morning, but did you know they are also muscle relaxants? Because they are rich in potassium and magnesium, bananas help support the production of melatonin. So whether you're ready to jump start your day or relax before bed, a banana is the perfect snack.


Related to the ginger plant, it's no surprise that turmeric is a healthy and powerful spice. It not only supports your immune system, but also improves your circulation. It's easy to add this any meal before your flight. May we suggest this recipe for quinoa, turmeric, and ginger curry for the perfect pre-flight meal?

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