Here's a quick look at what's available for weekend travel from United.

Most are valid for departure on Friday or Saturday, returning the following Monday or Tuesday.

Check our fare details for rules and restrictions.

Seats tend to go fast, so hurry!

Fares include:

New York to Cleveland $168 round-trip

Newark to Akron $168 round-trip

Newark to Buffalo $168 round-trip

Newark to Columbus $168 round-trip

Newark to Memphis $273 round-trip

Newark to Madison $278 round-trip

Newark to Omaha $323 round-trip

Newark to Panama City, Panama $394 round-trip

Washington DC to Greenville $163 round-trip

Washington DC to Cleveland $168 round-trip

Washington DC to Pittsburgh $168 round-trip

Charlotte to Houston $276 round-trip

Charlotte to Chicago $226 round-trip

Miami to Houston $278 round-trip

Miami to Newark $328 round-trip

Chicago to Lexington $168 round-trip

Chicago to Cincinnati $168 round-trip

Chicago to Omaha $163 round-trip

Chicago to Birmingham $228 round-trip

Chicago to Norfolk $228 round-trip

Chicago to Washington DC $228 round-trip

Chicago to Winnipeg $295 round-trip

Chicago to Edmonton $411 round-trip

Houston to Little Rock $168 round-trip

Houston to Tulsa $168 round-trip

Houston to Charlotte $276 round-trip

Houston to Cancun $304 round-trip

San Francisco to Vancouver $345 round-trip

Denver to Laramie $155 round-trip

Denver to Santa Fe $163 round-trip

Denver to Wichita $168 round-trip

Denver to Fargo $228 round-trip

Denver to San Francisco $278 round-trip

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