Save on international flights with the current batch of Wingo deals from Turkish Airlines.

Travel dates may vary slightly by route, though most appear to be valid through late March.

Be sure to check our fare details for specifics regarding rules, restrictions, and travel dates.

Fares may not be available for travel over peak holiday periods.

Tickets must be booked by December 14.

Fares include:

New York to Barcelona $598 round-trip

New York to Milan $599 round-trip

New York to Rome $599 round-trip

New York to Catania $698 round-trip

New York to Venice $599 round-trip

New York to Bucharest $598 round-trip

New York to Budapest $598 round-trip

New York to Munich $599 round-trip

New York to Dusseldorf $731 round-trip

New York to Nairobi $749 round-trip

New York to Prague $599 round-trip

San Francisco to Rome $700 round-trip

San Francisco to Athens $750 round-trip

San Francisco to Istanbul $699 round-trip

Washington DC to Berlin $649 round-trip

Washington DC to Madrid $649 round-trip

Washington DC to Athens $699 round-trip

Washington DC to Vienna $649 round-trip

Chicago to Athens $699 round-trip

Chicago to Belgrade $599 round-trip

Chicago to Barcelona $599 round-trip

Chicago to Kuwait City $599 round-trip

Chicago to Madrid $599 round-trip

Houston to Istanbul $649 round-trip

Houston to Rome $699 round-trip

Houston to Vienna $699 round-trip

Los Angeles to Istanbul $699 round-trip

Boston to Amman $549 round-trip

Boston to Cairo $539 round-trip

Boston to Mumbai $749 round-trip

Boston to Sofia $519 round-trip

Boston to Tel Aviv $549 round-trip

Visit our fare listings for New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Boston for a complete look at current deals.

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