We've all been there, rummaging through our toiletry kit only to realize what we're looking for is home on a shelf in the medicine cabinet. There are numerous things that people use daily, but when it’s time to travel, it simply slips their mind to pack. Here’s a list of 10 items that should be included in every traveler’s toiletry kit whether it’s a trip overseas or a weekend away with family.

Travel Toothbrush

Why is that after a flight you always feel like you have a case morning breath? Even if it’s a mid-day flight! Keep your pearly whites and your breath fresh with a toothbrush tailored for travel. This dentist recommended flip brush from GUM is a top choice for your toiletry kit. Not only will its compact size save space in your bag, but its folding feature will also protect the bristles from getting gunk on them from other items that might've leaked during transit – like shampoo or makeup.

If you’re trying to cut down on your plastic consumption Hello Boo bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent eco-friendly choice. You’ll be all smiles knowing that sustainable toothbrush and carry case are 100% biodegradable.

Nail Clippers

Nothing can be more nagging than a chipped or hangnail – doubly-so when you're on the road. Don't spend your time off trying to gnaw off a fickle fingernail potentially making the problem worse. Slip a slimline clipper like this stainless steel option from Victorinox into your toiletry tote, and you’ll easily tackle any mani or pedi problems that arise. Clippers can also serve as a set of small scissors to sever any loose threads, snags, or baggage strings that need a snip.

Shampoo Bar

Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioners are the main culprits regarding spillage in your toiletry bag. Nix the seepage from these sample sized items that are more plastic than product and make the switch to a shampoo bar. Not only will you no longer need to worry about TSA liquid restrictions you’ll be cutting down on waste and space too. This 3 oz. bar from Aspen Kay comes with its own metal travel case and equals the amount of usage from 3 mini 6 oz. bottles!

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Wide-Toothed Comb

Is it still considered bedhead if you get it from an airplane seat? Either way – if your tresses get tangled during a trip you'll need a way to rein them in. Sure you could rely on the chintzy combs that the hotel might provide, but those don't always work for all hair types. A wide-toothed comb like this one from Hyoujin is constructed of carbon fiber and comes with a travel sheath to keep both it and your hair looking flawless.

Travel-Sized Deodorant

Travel can be a stressful experience. Don’t fret the sweat and pack a proper antiperspirant or deodorant and avoid unwanted aromas. Freshen up after a last-minute dash to the door or after a long-haul flight, and you’ll avoid being that person when hailing a cab. Secret’s Freshies On-the-Go pack a pint-sized punch and won't take up much real estate in your kit.

For travelers that prefer a more natural product, Crystal Mineral’s travel deodorant stick is unscented and dries instantly. While scents and styles differ amongst travelers, it’s best to avoid adding anything in an aerosol can to your kit.

All-Purpose Balm

The low humidity in airplane cabins can dry you out. So, the best way to combat skin dryness or chapped lips is by including an all-purpose balm into your bag. A small tin of C.O. Bigelow's classic balm will help rejuvenate your skin and can double as an eye makeup remover and help tame cowlicks or hairs that still seem to fly-away after you touched the ground.

Sun Protection

Dealing with a sunburn is a surefire way to sidetrack the trip you’ve been looking forward to all year. So, don’t get burnt by forgetting to pack along some sun protection in your toiletry bag. If you’re the type to head to the powder room, brush-on SPF powder is a simple way to keep you sun-smart without getting cream all over your hands or bag. For outdoorsy or beach vacations try Goddess Garden's sunscreen line, not only is it reef safe, but travel-sized tubes top out at 3.4 oz. The cutoff allowed on board by the TSA.

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Facial Wipes

When traveling, you’re more prone to pick up more germs than you usually would, not to mention the changes in sleep, diet, and stress levels. This can lead to breakouts, sweats, or just overall ickiness. So, to keep your face clean and clear, give it a refresh with a facial wipe like these from Cetaphil. Dermatologist-developed and suited for sensitive skin, these cleansing cloths will help you freshly face any dirty situation like a crowded subway car or red-eye flight.

Pain Relievers and Medications

Different countries have different names for common pain relievers, and some may even require a prescription. To avoid headaches, both literal and figuratively when traveling, it's best to pack your own pills and medications. From motion-sickness medication to antihistamines by pre-planning and packing whatever drugs you think you'll need on your voyage; you'll be assured you have a fix at your fingertips instead of having to track down a foreign pharmacy.

Band-Aids or Bandages

It’s not only your suitcase that’s susceptible to the dings and dents that travel brings. Stay true to the scout motto and always be prepared by packing some stick-on bandages and Band-Aids into your toiletries. From blisters to random cuts that you’re not so sure how they appeared, these easy to stash stick-ons will save you in many situations. Mix and match sizes and be sure to bring along different options depending on how often you'll need them. Especially if you're packing a new pair of shoes.

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