Here's a look at the latest Ski & Sun Flight Sale from Alaska Airlines. Travel dates vary by route, so check our fare details for more info.

Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or all days. Some markets may not operate daily service.

Fares are nonstop and include:

Bellingham to Honolulu $299 round-trip

San Diego to Honolulu $399 round-trip

San Jose to Honolulu $398 round-trip

San Diego to Honolulu $399 round-trip

Oakland to Honolulu $419 round-trip

Oakland to Kona $378 round-trip

San Jose to Kona $398 round-trip

Anchorage to Kahului-Maui $597 round-trip

San Jose to Kahului-Maui $378 round-trip

Spokane to Kahului-Maui $456 round-trip

Bellingham to Kahului-Maui $338 round-trip

Oakland to Lihue $478 round-trip

San Jose to Lihue $438 round-trip

Seattle to Lihue $458 round-trip

Charleston to Seattle $377 round-trip

Colorado Springs to Seattle $285 round-trip

Fresno to Seattle $217 round-trip

Los Angeles to Anchorage $267 round-trip

Los Angeles to Sun Valley $277 round-trip

Fresno to Vancouver $303 round-trip

Bellingham to Denver $280 round-trip

Bellingham to Las Vegas $197 round-trip

Eugene to Reno $251 round-trip

Bozeman to Seattle $199 round-trip

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