Whether you're a self-proclaimed hippie, daredevil, preppy, health nut, or coffee addict, we know just where to visit on your next vacation. Read on to find out the best destinations for every type of personality (and where to avoid if you're the opposite).  

Daredevils: Queenstown, New Zealand

Dear daredevils: Queenstown, New Zealand, is calling you. No matter what season you visit during, you'll find plenty of activities to feed your need for adrenaline. You can leap off the Kawarau Bridge (home of the world's first commercial bungee jumping site), brave the world's biggest swing over the Nevis River, speed through narrow canyons on a jet boat, go "riversurfing" (like white water rafting, except with a boogie board), or go heli skiing.

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Hippies: Eugene, Oregon

Real estate app Estately compiled a list of the most hippie-ish cities, and Eugene came out number one by a mile. According to the survey, "When the hippies turned on, tuned in, and dropped out, they seemingly dropped right into Eugene, Oregon … Eugene's traffic slows behind aging VW Microbuses, the smell of marijuana is never far off (especially at Univ. of Oregon), and tie dye has never gone out of style. From the city government to the Chamber of Commerce, hippies have infiltrated every aspect of the city."

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Preppies: Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach is the birthplace of the ultimate preppy brand, Lilly Pulitzer. You'll find the flagship Lilly store (as well as plenty of other preppy stores), country clubs, a national croquet club, and anything else your preppy heart desires here.

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Backpackers: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Backpackers on a budget, rejoice! You can get by on less than $20 a day in Chiang Mai, thanks to its cheap food, inexpensive lodging options, and plentiful free attractions. The secret is out on this spot, so you're also guaranteed to meet plenty of like-minded travelers in your hostel.

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Graffiti Artists: Bogota, Colombia

Graffiti is no longer technically a crime in Bogota—legitimate street artists (as opposed to those who just scribble tags on walls) are generally left alone to create their art. This means that almost every non-government building is a blank canvas for artists and you'll find mind-blowing works of creativity on every street corner.

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Beer Snob: Portland, Oregon

There's nowhere else on the planet you're more likely to be judged for ordering a Bud Light than in Portland, Oregon. The state is home to 216 craft breweries and has 7.4 breweries per capita, according to the Brewers Association. In Portland itself, you'll find plenty of breweries, brew-pubs, craft beer bars, and other beer snobs to homebrew with. Cheers!

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Health Nuts: Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of Copenhagen actively promotes a healthy lifestyle—maybe that's why it usually ranks among the top spots in the United Nation's annual World Happiness Report. People here value a good work/life balance: According to an OECD report, only about two percent of employees in the city work a full 40 hours a week or more. Plus, nearly half of workers don't have to fight car traffic or public transportation to get to their short workdays, since they bike to work. Low stress levels and exercise built in to your day? Sign us up. Oh and one more healthy benefit for travelers—a new municipal policy was enacted in 2014 to make sure that all Copenhagen residents would be able to walk to a park or beach in 15 minutes or less, so tons of new small green spaces were created.

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Vegans: Tel Aviv, Israel

No animal products for you? No problem in Tel Aviv, where over 400 eateries are certified as "vegan friendly". This means you'll have more options than just the old standby of falafel (although you should definitely sample that while you're in Tel Aviv). Even Domino's Pizza is getting in on the action, offering up a faux cheese pizza.

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Coffee Addicts: Melbourne, Australia

Australia might not be the first place you think of when you imagine a big cup of the delicious caffeinated beverage, but Melbourne undoubtedly has one of the biggest coffee cultures in the world. Locals will passionately fight over who has the best "flat white" (a latte without foam) or "short black" (espresso), and you'll have fun tasting your way through the hundreds of local cafes hidden in back alleyway streets.

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