Here's the latest batch of weekly Flight Deals from Alaska Airlines. Travel dates vary by route, so check our fare details for more info.

Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or all days. Some markets may not operate daily service.

Fares are nonstop and include:

Chicago to Seattle $317 round-trip

Oakland to Kahului-Maui $398 round-trip

Oakland to Seattle $167 round-trip

Oakland to Kona $378 round-trip

Boston to Seattle $217 round-trip

Seattle to Raleigh-Durham $237 round-trip

Seattle to Washington DC $237 round-trip

Seattle to St Louis $257 round-trip

Seattle to Charleston $297 round-trip

Seattle to Calgary $219 round-trip

Seattle to Kona $438 round-trip

Seattle to Lihue $438 round-trip

Portland to St Louis $317 round-trip

Santa Ana to Portland $187 round-trip

Oklahoma City to Seattle $277 round-trip

Billings to Portland $273 round-trip

Boise to Seattle $187 round-trip

Anchorage to Portland $359 round-trip

Fresno to Seattle $187 round-trip

Reno to Portland $157 round-trip

Boise to San Jose $163 round-trip

Boise to Spokane $113 round-trip

San Jose to Guadalajara $381 round-trip

San Jose to Kona $438 round-trip

Fresno to Eugene $294 round-trip

Mammoth to Los Angeles $157 round-trip

Los Angeles to Yakima $220 round-trip

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