Save on fall/winter flights with the current "Basic Witch" Halloween sale from Spirit Airlines. Round-trip domestic fares start at $73.

Travel is valid from November through February. Dates will vary slightly by route, so see our fare details for rules and restrictions.

Tickets must be booked by October 29.

Fares include:

Atlanta to Boston $73 round-trip

Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale $73 round-trip

Atlanta to Tampa $73 round-trip

Atlanta to Detroit $73 round-trip

Atlanta to Las Vegas $73 round-trip

Atlanta to Los Angeles $73 round-trip

Boston to Ft Lauderdale $73 round-trip

Boston to Ft Myers $73 round-trip

Boston to Las Vegas $73 round-trip

Cleveland to Ft Myers $73 round-trip

Cleveland to Los Angeles $73 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to New York $73 round-trip

Baltimore to Los Angeles $73 round-trip

Chicago to Ft Myers $73 round-trip

Chicago to Orlando $73 round-trip

Houston to Las Vegas $73 round-trip

Houston to Tampa $73 round-trip

Kansas City to Las Vegas $73 round-trip

Kansas City to Los Angeles $73 round-trip

Las Vegas to New Orleans $73 round-trip

Minneapolis to Phoenix $73 round-trip

Minneapolis to Tampa $73 round-trip

Denver to Las Vegas $73 round-trip

Denver to Phoenix $73 round-trip

Dallas to Ft Lauderdale $73 round-trip

Los Angeles to Oakland $73 round-trip

Atlantic City to Ft Lauderdale $73 round-trip

Myrtle Beach to New York $73 round-trip

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