In this month's #AWDTravelChat, we'll be chatting with our sponsor Turkish Airlines! In this #AWDTravelChat, we'll talk about international cuisine, foodie travel, and the Turkish Airlines Widen Your World trivia game! Join us Tuesday, November 3 at 1 PM ET as we chat with our sponsor Turkish Airlines.

Follow and participate in the conversation:

- Follow @Airfarewatchdog and @TK_US on Twitter.
- Search for the hashtag #AWDTravelChat and click the “All” search option to follow the conversation.
- Include the hashtag #AWDTravelChat in your tweets and begin each tweet by noting the question which you are answering, for example, “A1:” to answer Question 1.

We're looking forward to chatting with you on Tuesday! Thanks to our awesome sponsor!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Typically, our #AWDTravelChat is regularly scheduled for the first Tuesday in a given month at 11 AM ET. Please note that this month's chat will take place later than normal at 1 PM ET. Please note that change in your calendars!

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