Traveling is hard enough. Don't make it worse by wearing the wrong thing and being uncomfortable throughout your trip. You want to be dry, comfortable, and at a good temperature from the minute you leave your hotel in the morning until you crash at night. Here's how to effectively layer from head to toe on any kind of fall trip to ensure your wardrobe preforms the way you need it to all day long.

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What to Wear on Your Head

A hat is probably the most portable layer you can add to an outfit. They stash easily into your pocket or day bag and barely add any weight. Opt for a hat that does double duty by holding your stuff in a secret pocket (like this one from Outdoor Research or this unisex option from KC Caps).

Headed somewhere with a rainy forecast? A pocket rain hood with a visor will keep you dry in a pinch, as will this one that's designed to fit under helmets.

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What to Wear on Your Neck

I always recommend traveling with a lightweight pashmina—it doubles as a scarf, airplane blanket, or emergency head covering. Or, go for a more traditional drapery (but with a modern twist) like this technology scarf that holds your phone (and other essentials) and lets you use it for photos, videos, texting, and more without taking it out of the built-in pocket.

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What to Wear on Your Body

Vests are great for weather that's not too hot but not too cold because you can easily layer lighter or heavier underneath them. ScotteVest has cornered the market in travelers' vests with security features like 26 hidden pockets, RFID-blocking technology, and Teflon-coating.

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What to Wear on Your Hands

Liner gloves are a good investment that will take you through the fall all the way to spring, as they can be worn on their own on warmer days or layered under your heavy winter gloves to keep you toasty even in the snow. A pair of touchscreen-compatible liners allow you to use your smartphone or tablet without exposing your hands to cold air or fumbling to hold your glove in one hand.

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What to Wear on Your Legs

Tights are a female traveler's best friend, as they can instantly transform an outfit for a different climate. Wear a comfortable dress with tights on a chilly plane and then ditch the tights at a warmer destination. The Stonewear Liberty Tight have lots of travel-friendly features like a hidden security pocket in the waistband and a fast-drying fabric. Men might like to layer a pair of Long Johns under their pants for extra warmth on unexpectedly cold nights.

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What to Wear on Your Feet

Never have to choose between freezing feet or sweaty toes again with Removable Boot Liners. A waterproof pair will turn any shoe into rain boots, whereas a fleece pair will make your casual boots feel like snow boots.

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What to Wear Overall

If you're going to buy one coat this winter, make it a 3-in-1 Jacket. This type of outerwear uses zippers, buttons, or snaps to detach an inner lining from the outer jacket, letting you wear each piece individually. It's like getting a raincoat, fleece, and winter jacket all in one purchase.

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