Save on flights to Australia with the latest sale from Air New Zealand

Sale fares are valid for travel from May 1 through June 21, and again from July 24 through September 1.

Flights must be booked by October 26.

One stopover in either Auckland or Rarotonga is allowed at no extra charge. Any additional stopovers are available at $100 each.

Fares include:

Los Angeles to Sydney $1,225 round-trip

Los Angeles to Melbourne $1,225 round-trip

Los Angeles to Cairns $1,225 round-trip

Los Angeles to Adelaide $1,225 round-trip

Los Angeles to Perth $1,225 round-trip

Los Angeles to Brisbane $1,225 round-trip

Houston to Sydney $1,525 round-trip

Houston to Melbourne $1,525 round-trip

Houston to Cairns $1,525 round-trip

Houston to Adelaide $1,525 round-trip

Houston to Perth $1,525 round-trip

Houston to Brisbane $1,525 round-trip

San Francisco to Melbourne $1,225 round-trip

San Francisco to Cairns $1,225 round-trip

San Francisco to Adelaide $1,225 round-trip

San Francisco to Perth $1,225 round-trip

San Francisco to Brisbane $1,225 round-trip

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