The current 72-hour sale from Alaska Airlines is good for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from November 3 through February 3.

Avoid blackout dates from November 18 through December 3, and December 16 through January 7. See fare details for travel dates and restrictions to/from Hawaii and Mexico.

All fares must be booked by 11:59pm PT on October 15.

Fares include:

Atlanta to Seattle $280 round-trip

Baltimore to Los Angeles $256 round-trip

San Francisco to Los Cabos $330 round-trip

San Francisco to Seattle $162 round-trip

Chicago to Seattle $284 round-trip

Dallas to Seattle $242 round-trip

Oakland to Honolulu $420 round-trip

Oakland to Kona $362 round-trip

Sacramento to Kahului-Maui $458 round-trip

San Diego to Honolulu $400 round-trip

San Diego to Kona $362 round-trip

Seattle to Kahului-Maui $382 round-trip

Seattle to Nashville $284 round-trip

Seattle to New York $246 round-trip

Seattle to Washington DC $264 round-trip

Seattle to Kansas City $246 round-trip

Baltimore to Seattle $264 round-trip

Boston to Portland $302 round-trip

Raleigh-Durham to Seattle $303 round-trip

St Louis to Seattle $236 round-trip

Los Angeles to Salt Lake City $132 round-trip

Portland to San Diego $164 round-trip

Portland to Tucson $246 round-trip

Reno to Honolulu $448 round-trip

Seattle to Kona $438 round-trip

San Jose to Kahului-Maui $420 round-trip

Los Angeles to Ixtapa $242 round-trip

Los Angeles to Sun Valley $242 round-trip

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