If you have Global Entry and you renew your passport, you'll need to update the passport number associated with your Global Entry membership before you travel with the new passport.

The process is simple: Just log in to GOES, go to the Update Documents link on the left side of the page, and type in your new passport number. You'll also need to verify the passport number, and the system should then update the issue and expiration dates.

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It's an easy process that takes less than a minute. And it's vital: if you don't update your Global Entry to match your passport, you render your Global Entry useless next time you travel. You'll still have membership, but you won't be able to use the account.

Note that if you have a name or status change on your passport, you'll have to go in person to a Global Entry enrollment center (likely the same place you went for your original Global Entry interview) to update your GOES membership. No appointment is needed, but there's a $25 fee for the replacement card.

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