If you've been considering a trip to Europe, today may very well be the day to book your ticket. We're seeing some cuh-razy low fares via American Airlines/US Airways to destinations in Europe, from all over the US, including West Coast departure cities. Travel dates may vary slightly by route, through you'll find most are available for travel from August through December. See our fare details for specifics.

These deals won't stick around for long, so move fast!

Fares include:

Anchorage to Geneva $730 round-trip

Atlanta to Brussels $651 round-trip

Boston to Amsterdam $649 round-trip

Boston to Milan $642 round-trip

Boston to Rome $652 round-trip

Buffalo to Amsterdam $649 round-trip

Columbus to Amsterdam $641 round-trip

Honolulu to Brussels $705 round-trip

Honolulu to Geneva $728 round-trip

Honolulu to Milan $656 round-trip

Honolulu to Rome $681 round-trip

Jacksonville to Amsterdam $649 round-trip

Jacksonville to Brussels $651 round-trip

Jacksonville to Milan $651 round-trip

Jacksonville to Rome $658 round-trip

Norfolk to Rome $658 round-trip

Providence to Rome $660 round-trip

Washington DC to Rome $658 round-trip

Chicago to Amsterdam $648 round-trip

Chicago to Brussels $655 round-trip

Los Angeles to Amsterdam $649 round-trip

Los Angeles to Brussels $651 round-trip

San Jose to Amsterdam $654 round-trip

San Jose to Rome $661 round-trip

For a complete look at current deals, visit our fare listings for Rome, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, and Brussels.

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