Extreme heat can put a damper on any trip by sucking your energy and putting you at risk for exhaustion or heat stroke. Gain an advantage over dangerous (or just uncomfortable) weather with these products that use cutting-edge technology to keep you cool.

Columbia Omni Freeze Zero Line

The proprietary Columbia Omni Freeze Zero fabric works with your sweat to help lower your body temperature. This unique material reacts with your sweat (and other kinds of moisture) to create a cooling sensation. It's also got UPF 30 sun protection built in, as well as an advanced wicking system and antimicrobial treatment. We like the Women's Freeze Degree II Tank Top, the Dry Ice Bandana, and the Men's Short Sleeve Crew Shirt.

Mission Athletecare Enduracool Headband

Keep your sweaty hair off your face and get relief from the heat at the same time with a headband from Mission Athletecare. Simply soak the headband with water, wring it out, and snap it to automatically drop the fabric's temperature by 30 degrees.

Adidas Climachill Collection

Although it's designed for athletes, the Adidas Climachill collection has plenty of stuff that will also work for casual vacation wear. Climachill fabric is woven with titanium and 3D aluminum cooling spheres, which offer an immediate chilling sensation in strategically located areas. Travelers' best options are the golf shirt, polo shirt, sports bra, and running shoes.

RelaxGear Cooling Cap

The RelaxGear Cooling Cap keeps you up to 20 degrees cooler all day long. Simply soak the hat in cold water and it's ready to go. If the cooling effect starts to wear off, just re-wet or wave the hat to reactivate it.

Travelon Wearable Fan

Ever been stuck in a hot hotel with only a slow fan and no air conditioning? If only you'd had the Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan, which packs down compact, yet unfolds to make a decent fan for your night table. (You can also toss this in your purse or day bag and use it when you're waiting in line, or stuck anywhere else that's hot.)

Solar-Powered Fan Hat

Okay, so this product isn't for you if you want to be unobtrusive on your travels. But if you're heading somewhere where no one will see you (like camping or hiking), why not keep yourself cool with this Solar-Powered Air Fan Hat?

Swiggies Wrist Water Bottles

Ever been so desperate for heat relief that you've run cold water over the pulse points on your wrist? The Swiggies Wrist Water Bottles are a similar, yet longer-lasting version of that trick—and it will help keep you hydrated. Perfect for runners, these weigh less than half a pound when filled, and can be frozen for extra cooling power.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Line

Under Armour products made with Iso-Chill fabric actually feel cool to the touch; and help disperse body heat, wick away sweat, and offer UPF 30 protection. The line features everything from underwear to shirts, all made to keep you feeling refreshed no matter how hot it gets.

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Perfect for working out, a day at the beach, or camping—you'll feel Chill Pal's cooling effect as soon as you take it out of the package. To activate the towel, just soak it in water and wring it out, then wear it as a bandana or use it as a towel.

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