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If you've ever wondered what to do with a bulky suitcase when you face a long layover and can't check it through, there's an answer—at least at Los Angeles International.

A new service called Lax Luggage Storage will pick up your baggage at your terminal's arrivals zone, keep it until you call, then deliver it to you at any terminal in the airport. Charges range from $5 a day to $12, with a big suitcase priced at $10. Pick up and delivery are an extra $5 each way. If you have wheels, you can drop and pick up at the nearby office.

I paid $20: $10 for a one-day bag storage and $5 each for pickup and delivery. It worked as promised.

I would use it again in similar circumstances. But of course I'd prefer to avoid long layovers entirely.

After September 11, almost all domestic airports closed whatever baggage storage facilities they had, either checkrooms or lockers. The new service responds to that total lack of any on-airport baggage storage facilities at LAX.

Still, a few U.S. airports retain some form of onsite baggage storage. If you have a long layover, call your airport or check the airport website for more information. But chances are you'll be stuck wondering what to do with your bag.

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