We're seeing some excellent fares to destinations in Asia on United. Travel to Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong from Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle, with fares ranging from $537 to $637 round-trip.

Departures are valid from January through April. Tickets require a minimum stay of 7 days, with an allowed maximum stay of 1 year.

These fares probably won't stick around for long, so move fast!

Fares include:

Atlanta to Taipei $571 round-trip

Atlanta to Beijing $637 round-trip

Atlanta to Shanghai $624 round-trip

Atlanta to Hong Kong $537 round-trip

Detroit to Taipei $576 round-trip

Detroit to Beijing $637 round-trip

Detroit to Shanghai $624 round-trip

Detroit to Hong Kong $537 round-trip

Minneapolis to Taipei $571 round-trip

Minneapolis to Beijing $637 round-trip

Minneapolis to Shanghai $624 round-trip

Minneapolis to Hong Kong $538 round-trip

Portland to Taipei $571 round-trip

Portland to Beijing $569 round-trip

Portland to Shanghai $625 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Taipei $571 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Beijing $637 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Shanghai $625 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Hong Kong $538 round-trip

Seattle to Taipei $571 round-trip

Seattle to Beijing $569 round-trip

Seattle to Shanghai $625 round-trip

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