While some foods are definite no-nos at 35,000 feet, not all of your favorite culinary choices are off the table. Feast your eyes (and your mouth) on these seven foods you should eat before flying—and never be at the mercy of an in-flight airline meal again.

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Low-Sodium Items

Too much salt can cause "jet bloat," so stick to low-sodium snack choices in order to minimize discomfort. You can find many snacks and dishes specially marked as low-sodium, or choose foods that are naturally low on salt, like fresh fruits and non-cruciferous vegetables.

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Airports, airplanes, and, let's face it, air travelers themselves are full of germs. Give your immune system a blast of vitamin C by snacking on an orange before take-off. Not only will you get vitamins, but you'll also nab the added bonus of hydration—a sneaky way to get some liquids past the TSA.

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Herbal Teas

In large amounts, caffeinated drinks like coffee can dehydrate you. Choose herbal teas instead. They're naturally decaffeinated and can help keep you hydrated. Select a peppermint blend for added stomach-soothing benefits.

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Flying can do a number on your stomach. The human body was not designed to digest food at seven miles above sea level. Guard against a future stomach bug by eating yogurt with natural probiotics, which, according to some experts, can help regulate your digestive system.

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Water with Lemon

Ever feel tired when you get off a plane? Don’t be so quick to blame jet lag—it could be dehydration, which can make you feel sleepy. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and throw a lemon slice or two in your cup—the citrus contains antibacterial properties that can alleviate sore throats.

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Lean Protein

Lean protein will give you energy and satiety that you won’t get from, say, chicken fingers. Choose a protein source that’s not deep-fried or crusted with bread crumbs. You’ll stay full for a long flight, and your body won’t be overloaded with hard-to-digest fats.

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Smoothies combine two of our in-flight food superstars: yogurt and fresh fruit. They also provide hydration. Just watch out for smoothie bars that add tons of sugar to the mix, as that can lead to an unpleasant in-flight sugar crash. Stick with smoothies made from lots of fruit, plain yogurt, and ice.

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