Usually a sale this good only lasts a few hours. But for whatever reason, there's been an unadvertised airfare war from major hub airports (Detroit, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newark, Houston, Dallas, Miami, even Salt Lake City) to various Caribbean destinations. Usually, these fares would be $500 or even much more, especially for winter travel (when most U.S. residents want to escape the cold). But instead, they're $295  round-trip, or $303, or $326. We have no idea what's going on, but trust us, these are great fares.

Availability is a little less for summer travel, but still valid if you hunt and peck using our airfare search tips. The fares are on Delta, American/US Airways and in some cases United.

We have no idea when the airlines will pull the plug on these amazing bargains. Remember, you can book and cancel within 24 hours while you arrange hotels etc. (on American, you put the fare on hold without payment) and get a full refund if you change your mind.

***Update: Aaaaand after lasting all through the weekend, it looks as though these fares are finally gone. To those folks who managed to snag one, we hope you have a great trip!

Fares to Aruba

Fares to Antigua

Fares to St. Maarten

Fares to Montego Bay

Fares to Punta Cana

Fares to St. Lucia

Fares to St. Kitts

Fares to Trinidad/Tobago

St Maarten image via Shutterstock

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