American Airlines has dropped prices (some routes by quite a lot) for year-round travel on many routes from competitors hub cities.  These fares are unadvertised and could disappear at anytime.  Travel is valid any day/week with a 330-day travel period.  Most routes are connecting flights and require a 30-day advance purchase, however, some nonstop routes require just a 14-day advance purchase.  

We have even found some routes available for Tue/Wed/Sat travel during peak summer 2014 months, however, peak holiday travel is mostly higher.  Have a look and see what you can find. Remember, these are unadvertised, and could sell out at any moment.

Sample fares include:

New York to Minneapolis $190 RT nonstop, round-trip including taxes

Atlanta to New York $190 RT nonstop, round-trip including taxes

Grand Rapids to Minneapolis $243 round-trip including taxes

Minneapolis to Nashville $242 round-trip including taxes

Denver to Pittsburgh $243 round-trip including taxes

Denver to Tampa $243 round-trip including taxes

Columbus to Houston $242 round-trip including taxes

Cincinatti to Phoenix $293 round-trip including taxes

Indianapolis to Salt Lake City $250 round-trip including taxes

American image via Shutterstock

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