Much like coupon clipping for travel junkies, promo codes can potentially save you hundreds of dollars, all without having to find the scissors. All you really need to do is type a few characters into the appropriate promo box and, just like that, your fare goes down. Just how much it goes down can vary greatly, depending on the sale.


What are Airline Promo Codes?

You've probably come across the promo code boxes when booking your ticket on the airline's website. Often times, airlines will offer these special promo discounts in attempt to lure folks to book directly on their website instead of third-party booking sites.

How Do You Get Airline Promo Codes?

Some airlines routinely offer promo code sales while others rarely, if ever, do. As always, the trick is to sign up with your favorite carriers to receive these special offers. If receiving a ton of airline emails makes you cringe, you can always follow @Airfarewatchdog on Twitter for the latest available promo codes as they are released.

Again, the savings will vary by sale but typically you can expect to save 10-15%. Southwest will sometimes offer promo codes for up to 50% off. On Air New Zealand, a promo code can shave as much as $200 off.

Some airlines, such as Emirates, often run companion promo offers for those traveling in pairs. In other cases, the bonus comes in the form of frequent flyer miles awarded when using a particular promo code.

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How to Use Airline Promo Codes

Once you've signed up to receive sales emails from your preferred airlines, or you've caught wind of a current promo offer via this blog or our Twitter, simply plug the code into the promo box in the booking stage. The discount will apply to the pre-taxed base fare.

Most of the time, you don't even have to bother with manually entering the promo code, as it will often appear automatically on in the booking module of the promo sale page.

Where to Find Airline Promo Codes

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