How To Find Airline Promo Codes

See those little promo code boxes on your favorite airline's website? What's that all about? Well, airlines are trying to get you to book directly with their websites rather than through third-party sites, and from time to time, you'll receive promo codes in your e-mail because you signed up for e-mail from your favorite airlines and online travel agencies. (Curiously, some airlines hide their email sign up, so we've included a handy chart here.)

The deals vary. We've seen Southwest Airlines offer 50% off promo codes, Air New Zealand has had $200 off codes, and so on, but the typical code deal is $10, $20, or 10-15%. Or you might get bonus frequent flyer miles by entering a promo code. American Airlines recently offered 10,000-20,000 bonus miles on a new route if you used a promo code.

These codes can only be redeemed if you book directly on the airlines' websites. How to find them? Try doing a browser search for “airline + promo code” to find mentions of these codes online, or check right here-- the Airfarewatchdog blog--where promo code deals are regularly listed, and follow our Twitter feed because we tweet them too.