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We are happy to answer questions about the site by email. We answer email queries quickly, so give it a try! (Sorry, but we're a free service and to keep costs down we do not answer questions by phone).

Get answers here at questions@airfarewatchdog.com


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We also answer questions on our Facebook page, and this gives other folks the opportunity to benefit from the answer to a question you've raised.

Contact us via Email

If you are having trouble finding a fare we list, please email us, but first, we ask that you be familiar with our User's Guide, because most of your questions will be answered there. Also, please remember the fares that we list are extremely time sensitive: yesterday's news is just that! Here are some other ways to get an answer to your question quickly:

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If you still can't resolve your question or problem; please email us.


Press/Media Inquiries Only:

If you're a member of the media and would like information on Airfarewatchdog or to interview George Hobica, our founder and president, please contact Toby Streett, Senior Manager of Communications at toby.streett@smartertravelmedia.com.  You can also try Mr. Hobica at george@airfarewatchdog.com or at pr@airfarewatchdog.com.


Advertising Inquiries:

If you would like to learn how to partner with Airfarewatchdog as an advertiser, contact our sales team at sales@smartertravel.com .