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How to Avoid a $100,000 Airfare

Q. I need expert advice on purchasing medical evacuation insurance for a trip that includes a cruise through the Baltic this August. I want the best insurance that gives us our choice of hospital, not decided by the insurer, as well as the most reliable planes to return us to our home in California. We are healthy, but feel that it is prudent to have. Any tips?

A. Read on...

Choosing the right frequent flier credit card

Q. We plan on taking a family vacation to Europe next year. Since there will be six of us flying, I plan on using a credit card to rack up extra miles. I currently have Delta and American Airlines card, but even with the added miles from this vacation, I think I have a ways to go before getting enough for a free ticket. Plus some of the better fares I'm seeing these days are on other airlines. Is there a particular credit card you recommend?

A. For a little guidance, check out our previous Q&As on frequent flyer cards here.

Did I sign up for the wrong kind of alert? Why am I getting all these extra fares?

Q. When I signed up to receive fare alerts, I thought I'd only be receiving updates about the particular destination I'm interested in. Instead of getting info on flights from Portland to Lihue, I'm getting fares to everywhere else from Portland, and from everywhere else to Lihue. Not useful to me.

Have a somehow subscribed to your service improperly? Please advise.

A. Sounds like you signed up for a Departure CIty alert from Portland, and an Arrival City alert to Lihue, when all you really wanted to sign up for was a City-to-City Alert between Portland and Lihue.

Remember, we have three different types of alerts. The City-to-City is route specific. The Departure City alert, which is a list of all the fares for travel from the chosen city.  The Arrival City alert, which is a list of fares for travel to a chosen city.

You can manage your settings any time on our Update My Account page.  Make sure you hit the "update" button to save any changes.  You can also unsubscribe on that page, should you choose.

Why have I stopped receiving alerts from Airfarewatchdog?

Q. I used to get Airfarewatchdog fare alerts  to my email. I think I may have accidently sent it to my junk folder. How can I reverse this and start receiving newsletters from you guys again?

A. In order to maintain our reputation as legitimate email in the eyes of all the Gmails, Yahoos, Hotmails, and AOLs of the world (as opposed to spam), we must adhere to strict policy when sending out all of our mailings, newsletters, and fare alerts here at Airfarewatchdog. If you've ever marked any of these items as spam, not only will you cease receiving our fare alerts, but you'll find it impossible to sign yourself up again using the same email address. Yes, a tad frustrating but them's the rules and we must play by them. So how do you get around this? Aside from signing up again under a different email address, you can contact us directly and let us know you'd like to be re-subscribed with your original email address.

Sitting Biz Class without paying Biz Class

Q. What's the deal with Y-Up and Q-Up fares?

A. These are restricted (as in there is a cancellation/change penalty) economy class fares that are cheaper than full fare economy class, and seated in first or business class.

You can find them on Travelocity or on the airline's web sites directly by choosing business or first class with restrictions when you do your search, or you can call the airlines directly and ask for them.

They are not offered on all routes, and they're not exactly cheap, but hey, they're definitely less than those refundable full fare economy fares, and you get to sit in business/first class.

These fares can be especially handy for business travelers looking to skirt office policy against buying business class fares.

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