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Mistake Fare Not Honored

Q. My friends and I recently discovered that Ethiopian Airlines had a special on flights from NYC to Johannesburg for $225.08. It seemed like a good deal, so we booked the tickets through Priceline.
Three weeks later, we received an email informing us that the tickets were invalid and the fare had been issued by mistake.

Priceline is only offering a refund. Shouldn't Priceline and Ethiopian Airlines have to honor the initial fare? While I understand that the fare was issued in error and priced abnormally low but they waited 3 weeks to inform people that the tickets would not be honored. By that point, my friends and I had already paid for our hotel rooms, all non-refundable.

I know in the past airlines have honored mistake fares. Why not now?

A. In many cases the airlines are required to honor these mistake fares. It really comes down to who or what is at fault for posting the fare in the first place, the carrier or the OTA? This is why it's always a good idea to hold off on making additional land or tour arrangements until 100% sure that the airline will be required to honor the mistake fare.

The Airlines Gave Away Our Seats

Q. We were scheduled to fly from Chicago to Orlando via Atlanta for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Our flight from Chicago to Atlanta was delayed due to weather so we ended up arriving at the gate for our connecting flight to Orlando (the last flight of the day) with just five minutes to spare, only to learn that Delta had given our seats away to standby passengers. As a result, we couldn’t get to Orlando in time for the wedding, which was scheduled for the following morning. Under what circumstances are airlines allowed to give away your seat to standby passengers? Why do they do this?

A. You really put yourself on the last flight of the day flying through Atlanta? Whenever you’re flying for a “can’t-miss” event (wedding, funeral, cruise departure, important business meeting), it’s a bad idea to take a connecting flight and a worse one to schedule your arrival at the last minute on the last flight of the day. To answer your question, Delta probably gave away your seat because they figured you wouldn’t make the connection and a standby passenger is the proverbial bird in hand. This has happened to me as well, and it’s very annoying, but apparently it works for the airlines’ bottom lines otherwise they wouldn’t keep annoying passengers like this.

Passport Valid, Pages Too Crowded

Q. My daughter and her husband travel overseas many times a year. She mentioned that even though their passports will remain valid for another six years, they've run out of space for the customs agents to stamp. Would this mean they have to apply and pay for a new passport?

A. Prior to January 2016, travelers running low on passport pages could simply send away for an additional 24 visa pages to be sewn in, no problem. This practice has since been discontinued. Nowadays, should you run out of pages, you'll need to complete this form and, yes, send away for a brand new passport.

Applicants can opt for a bigger 52-page passport book, or the standard 28-page book. The $110 renewal fee is the same for both passport books. Need it in a hurry? Tack on an additional $60 for expedited service.

You can find more info on passport application fees at

Go for the Gold?

Q. Any thoughts on whether it's worth it to purchase Premier Gold status at United for the rest of this year?

I was Premier Gold last year, as United decided to upgrade certain customers to the next highest level if you were near to making that level (I'd been Gold the year prior to that).

As I've fallen back to Premier Silver status for this year, United says they're making an offer for me to purchase Premier Gold status for the rest of the year (for $1300).  Others that I know with Silver status weren't given an offer, probably because they weren't close to making the Gold level.

The primary benefit is being able to choose seats in economy plus at the time of booking rather than scrambling the night before flying.  Also would have 2 free checked bags instead of 1.

I've heard you say that it's better to just search all sites for the lowest fare on any airline, but I do have status with United, albeit Silver.

A. There are some additional advantages to achieving “gold” on United, especially if you fly internationally with other Star Alliance partner airlines. I’ve always thought that free upgrades to business and first class were the most valuable perks, but those upgrades are getting harder to find. True, you might have priority over other passengers in the event of a cancelation or misconnection. But if only being able to choose premium economy seats is your goal, remember that you can buy a lot of premium econ seats with $1300. It really depends on how often you travel and what you hope to gain from the elevated status.

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