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Delayed flight? Why bother checking in on time?

Q. If I check the status of my flight before leaving home, and see that it's been delayed by two hours, is there any real reason I should stick to the original check-in time? According to the airline, yes, but if they themselves are late, then I just don't see the point. What do you think?

A. As tempting as it is, we think you're better off playing it safe. Whatever the cause of the delay (mechanical? late incoming flight?), there's always the slim change it could suddenly and miraculously be corrected. Your airline could switch things up and use an alternate plane, or that incoming flight could very well make it on time. In the end, status is just an estimation, and you'll probably have a much smoother trip if you show up on time/early rather than risk missing the flight and scrambling to get on the next.

The Sorry State of Summer Fares to Italy

Q. I'm looking for July flights from Phoenix to Florence, Pisa or Bologna. I know it's summer and prices are usually high. But wow, they seem a little too high this year! I haven't found anything less than $1200.00. I'm willing to make as many layovers as possible. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

A. Unfortunately, fares to Europe are very high this year. We have noticed them inching down slightly, but at a very slow pace. Also, flying directly to Florence or Bologna can be awfully expensive. You might have better, cheaper luck if you buy a round-trip ticket to a bigger and busier airport such as London, Amsterdam, or even Rome, and then taking a low cost carrier such as Ryanair, easyJet, or heck, even a train or a bus to your final destination.

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