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Planning for Boston in August

Q. We are thinking of traveling to Boston in August for vacation. Where do you recommend we stay? What are the must see things to do? Is there a need for a rental car? All I know for certain is we will definitely catch a baseball game.

A. No need for a car! Take the T. I don’t know what you like to do so it’s hard to advise you— museums? The Freedom Trail? I’d suggest seeing what other people have enjoyed using

I do have a soft spot for just walking around Back Bay, the South End, and Beacon Hill.. it’s a beautiful city. And I really enjoy having dinner or just drinks at the Top of the Hub, atop the Prudential Building in Back Bay. But other than that, enjoy the Sox!

Lost Gift Card

Q. We lost a $400 Southwest gift card at the airport. We have the card number and know it wasn't used. Southwest says they are sorry for our loss but claim there is nothing they can do. Do we have any options?

A. As long as you have a record of the card number, it seems like you should be able to apply the gifted amount to bookings, at least online. Still, it's better to choose an email card rather than those plastic gift cards. Not only does an e-gift card reach the recipient faster (under 12 hours according to, there are no shipping fees as with a physical card.

Two Tickets Lower Than One

Q. I noticed recently on Airfarewatchdog that I could fly on Southwest from Washington to Dallas for $49 each way and also from Dallas to Phoenix on Southwest the same dates for $49 each way or $198 round-trip. But Southwest was selling Washington to Phoenix as one fare for $358 round-trip. So why can’t I just buy two separate fares for the $98 each way and fly that way? Why doesn’t Southwest’s computer system price the cheapest fare?

A. Southwest was probably responding to a sale on Virgin America, American Airlines, or another competitor on the Washington-Dallas and Dallas-Phoenix routes. You can buy two separate fares but make sure there’s plenty of time for connections, unless you’re staying overnight in Dallas. If you miss your connection on Southwest the airline will not take responsibility for your onward flight.
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