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The Best in Bereavement

Q. I would like to either pay or use miles/points for a flight to see a relative who is terminally ill.

However, if she passes away before my flight leaves, I would prefer to cancel my flight arrangements.

Would all of the airlines allow me to cancel my flight and apply the cost or miles/points to another trip on the same airline, but to another city within a certain amount of time?

A. Many times, the fee deducted for changing/canceling your ticket is so high, it leaves you with barely anything left to apply towards another flight. For a quick look at which airlines are charging what for ticket changes, visit our fee chart.  As you can see, Southwest charges nothing for these changes, and will issue a credit for the amount of your original flight, good for one year. Bought it in miles? No prob. Southwest will re-bank those miles right back into your account. If only other airlines were as hassle free, give or take a few dress code crackdowns.

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