Ease Up Airport Security, For a Price

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Ease Up Airport Security, For a Price

Q. Any chance of airport security relaxing some of their policies? Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the protection, but I could do without taking my shoes off and having my toiletries confiscated.

A. The Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) is actually testing a new program, Clear, that allows registered travelers to ease through security without the wait and extra prodding. Those who wish to enroll must be screened by the TSA and, should they determine you pose no threat to national security (you don't, do you?), pay an annual fee of $99.95, which includes a TSA vetting charge of $28. You'll then be given your very own biometric Clear card, which will allow you to pass through the specially marked Clear lanes at participating airports. So far, that list of airports is pretty skimpy, but will surely expand as the program catches on.

Other perks of the Clear card include special parking, concierge service, and concession discounts. Oh, and iris scans! Intersted? Read more about becoming a registered traveler on the TSA site.
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