Avoiding checked luggage fees

Avoiding checked luggage fees

Avoid Airline Checked Bag Fees!

Why struggle with checked baggage, and pay extra fees, when for less money and hassle you can let FedEx Ground or UPS Ground deliver your belongings to your hotel, relative's house, or branch office? 

Plus, if the airline loses your bags or delays them, they won't even refund your fees!

FedEx will, plus delivery services will at least apologize if something goes wrong, and they have a much better reliability record than the airlines.

Rates based on round-trip shipping 45 lb bag Hartford 
to Tampa
55 lb bag Philadelphia to Los Angeles 75 lb bag
Salt Lake City to Washington
1 oversize bag (65 linear inches) at 75 lb
Las Vegas
to Fort Lauderdale
Delta $0 $160 $300 $600
Southwest $0 $50 $100 $100
UPS Ground $83.50 $133.84 $165.76 $165.76
FedEx Ground $71.06 $106.30 $132.84 $132.84
US Postal Service (Parcel Post) $69.60 $92.08 N/A N/A
Luggage Free 5-day $228.50 $261.50 $327.50 $327.50
Luggage Concierge
$200 $248.84 $280.76 $280.76




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