Rental Cars in Italy

Rental Cars in Italy

Q. I would like to plan a trip to Italy with a few days in Rome and possibly to Florence. I would also like to have a one-day or overnight trip to Anzio on the west coast about 30 miles south of Rome. What kind of public transportation will be available to me to travel to Florence and to Anzio?

A. Actually, Anzio is about 40 miles south of Rome, and Florence is approximately 170 miles from Rome, by road. According to ViaMichelin (which is the European equivalent of MapQuest), the driving time to Anzio should take a little over an hour, with only about 14 miles of the trip on highways. If you drive to Florence, it'll take about three hours, and about 157 miles of the trip will be on highways. You'll have to pay EUR 12.60 (approximately $16) in tolls.

Q. A friend and I are going to Italy this May 3rd through 13th. We've never been to Italy and we don't know the language but we want to rent a car in Florence and drive to see a friend who lives in Pescara on the Adriatic coast. Our friend said she can type up directions with translation but she says it's a long drive and anything can happen and she thinks we're crazy to even try this. Are we? Crazy, that is?

A. You can look up the route with ViaMichelin. According to the site, the distance is 254 miles (212 of which are on highways) with a driving time of about four and a half hours, and tolls will be EUR 9.40 ($12). I checked with the Italian Tourist Board (212-245-5618) who assured me that the highways are easy to navigate. If anything, you might want to look up the Italian names of cities and towns before heading out (i.e. Florence is Firenze, Rome is Roma, etc).

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