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Please read this carefully, in its entirety, if you're unfamiliar with how Airfarewatchdog works:

The airlines lower airfares every day without advertising them. Our team of fare experts tells you about these "hidden" fare reductions and alert you to $0 "blooper" fares and other air fare bargains that you might otherwise miss. And we provide straight talk about finding low air fares on the Web.

  • Fares are subject to change without notice
  • We are not responsible for typographical or other errors
  • Not all fares will be available for all dates of travel. Seats are subject to prior sale and/or blackouts.

We now interrupt our bullet-pointed disclaimer for some plain talk...

First of all, it would help you (and us) to think of Airfarewatchdog as a friendly and knowledgeable neighbor who always has the inside scoop on the latest clearance sale at your favorite store.

We all know that the clearance rack and/or table doesn't always have every size and color, likewise every fare isn't available for every date.  "Supplies are limited, so get them while they last" applies to airfares, just as it does to any piece of highly desired merchandise at your favorite store.

Unlike the store, you can actually increase the size of the clearance sale area by using our Flexible Dates links and search.
  You can also bypass the crowded ground floor and the escalator by using the deep links from our site, directly to the clearance table. (More about deep links below.)

Don't go looking for the clearance table in the full price section of the store.  If you call the airlines and ask about our web-based low fares, they will often claim not to know what you're talking about and try to sell you a higher priced fare.  Use our links and stay at your computer!

Weekend and Holiday travel itineraries are like the "size mediums" of air travel:  really, really popular and always the first to sell out!

When the store changes its prices or sells out of stuff, you don't yell at your friendly neighbor, do you?!  It would hurt their feelings and they were just trying to let you know that there was a sale going on.   Likewise, we do love to hear from you, but we also get hurt if you yell at us.  Use your indoor voice when you want to
let us know there's a problem, and that means no ALL CAPS SHOUTING!!

Don't get discouraged if you don't find a fare.  You can't stop going to the store just because you didn't find anything at one of their sales.

If you're a door-buster/gotta-get-the-deal-first kind of shopper, you might want to seriously consider making your airport's fare page the homepage of your browser.  That way, you can quickly check for new deals every time you sign on.

Now that we've had our little heart to heart we'll move on to some really useful "how-to" information below.  Trust us, read it.  It will be very, very helpful...

To find out more about a fare we list, click on the link showing arrival city/fare price (for example, Boston $129 RT) and you'll be taken to a fare details page.

Newly updated: how to do a flexible date airfare search and save money.


For most domestic fares we provide a clickable link to on the Airfare Details page. This link is especially helpful if your travel dates are flexible.  Sometimes Cheapair will show available dates on their fare calendars and after you select the dates, you discover they are sold out. Hopefully, some day they'll fix this, because it's as annoying to us as it is to you!

Other Booking Links

You may see links to other sites, including airline web sites on the Airfare Details page, as well as an area to enter dates for those of you that do not have flexible travel dates. We provide a number of different links in order to give you as many options as possible. (Full disclosure: some of these links are "monetized" meaning that the airline or Web sites pays us a small commission when you book through them. Others, such as those for Southwest and JetBlue, are not monetized but we include them anyway just because we're good guys.)

If you can't find seats for a fare we list

Airfares can be changed by an airline up to three times a day during the week, and once on weekends.  So sometimes a fare we list may have changed between the time we researched it and the time you saw the listing, or between the time we send one of our fare alert newsletters and the time you open and read it.

Also, not all fares will be available for all days of travel during the fare validity period. You may need to do a flexible date search. Please read our newly updated page on flexible searches.

We're trying the best we can to save you money.  Trust us, we're just as disappointed as you are that you didn't catch an unadvertised sale in time, but limited availability means that some of you will get that fabulous fare and sadly, some of you will be too late.  But remember, there's always the next sale just around the corner!

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