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Good Housekeeping: These Common Sneaky Fees Are Costing You Big

Don't let your money fly away because of hidden fees. Here are five smart soluations to help you save this year.

Condé Nast Traveler: Could 2014 Bring Phone Booths to Planes?

Almost nobody wants to listen to phone calls on flights, according to the latest survey of nearly 5,000 passengers by flight deal site Airfarewatchdog.

Associated Press: Travel Industry Offering CyberMonday Deals

The travel industry is offering promotions large and small for CyberMonday.

ABC News: Flight Cancelled? 5 Steps to Getting Home for the Holiday

Your 5-step plan to get to Thanksgiving on time.

Katie: Holiday Online Shopping Secrets

No one should ever pay full price for anything, ever again—especially online. Here are five simple strategies to help guide you in getting a permanent discount on dot com shopping!
(11/25/2013) What the American and US Airways Merger Means to the Traveler

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on the Justice Department's decision to allow the American-US Airways merger and what it means for travelers.
(11/12/2013) Undecided Travelers May Save Big with Airline Fare Lock

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on United offering an option to lock in a fare for 72 hours.

Los Angeles Times: Frontier No. 1 in Airline Ranking

Forget the BCS college football rankings for a moment...Frontier, Virgin America and JetBlue came in 1, 2 and 3 respectively in an annual ranking...

Kiplinger: Money-Saving Strategies for Holiday Travel

These tips will help cut the costs of flying and staying in a hotel during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Travel + Leisure: Air Travel Tips

Don't leave for the airport without these tips and tricks for a stress-free flying experience.

USA TODAY: Scary Landings: See the 10 'Most Thrilling' Airports

Deal-tracking site has compiled a list of what it calls the 10 "most thrilling" airports across the globe.
(10/23/2013) More of the World's Most Thrilling Airports just came out with another list of the world's most thrilling airports.

NBC News: 7 Most Outrageous Travel Fees -- and How to Prepare for Them

Even the most careful trip planners can get blindsided by these surprise expenses. Learn the most common budget-busting fees before they bite you in the, um, wallet.
(10/22/2013) Secrets to Getting the Cheapest Airfare

The days are getting cooler and shorter, which means the winter holidays are right around the corner. It's time to start planning your holiday vacations!
(10/13/2013) Should You Tip a Flight Attendant?

Have you ever tipped a flight attendant? According to a new poll from Airfarewatchdog, the practice is not uncommon.

Boston Herald: What's Your Favorite Aircraft?

A poll of over 1,000 flyers by Airfarewatchdog that asked "What's your favorite aircraft type," reveals that in spite of quieter, newer Airbuses, people prefer wide-body planes.

Chicago Tribune: Boeing Widebodies Top Poll of Fliers' Favorite Planes

Fliers prefer widebody aircraft and mostly those made by Chicago-based Boeing, according to a new poll [by Airfarewatchdog].

New York Times: Merger's Pros and Cons for Fliers

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on the Justice Department's move to block the merger between US Airways and American Airlines.

Mashable: Where to Find Free Wi-Fi at U.S. and International Airports

Airfarewatchdog assembled two handy charts that detail everything you need to know about wireless [Internet] connections at major airports in the United States and worldwide...

Marketwatch: Fliers Should Cheer U.S. Move to Keep Airfares Low

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on the Justice Department's move to block the merger between US Airways and American Airlines.

Wall Street Journal: Airline Fees Keep Climbing

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on airlines repackaging their fees.

CNN: How Safe Is Your Carry-On Bag?

When traveling with valuables, it seems common sense to keep them in a carry-on bag. But [experts suggest] the overhead baggage bins on planes are not always the safest place to stash your goods.

Family Circle: 10 Ways to Save on Family Travel

Whether you go by car or plane, a money-saving strategy for your family vacation is key. Work the Web and try these tactics to get the best deals.

Travel + Leisure: Most Annoying Travel Fees

New fees continue to make travelers see red—and not just from airlines. Here's what you can do to avoid them.

Woman's Day: 10 Savvy Ways to Save on Travel

Discover how to cut costs and plan an affordable vacation.

CNN: That'll Be $1.99 for Your Airline Soda

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica weighs in on the new Frontier Airlines fees for beverages and carry-on baggage.

Associated Press: What to Do If You're Stranded by American Airlines

In the wake of the computer outage that caused American to ground all of its planes, Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on what travelers should do if they find themselves stranded.

TIME: Southwest Airlines: We're Not Really about Cheap Flights Anymore

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on Southwest de-emphasizing Bags Fly Free and how the move could be a prelude to start charging for bags.

Wall Street Journal: WSJ Editors' Picks - Sequester and Air Travel

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica calls into The Daily Wrap to discuss how the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester will impact travelers as they take to the skies.

Forbes: Smaller Airlines Could Grab Routes from American Airlines Merger

Smaller airlines could grab additional routes following the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, according to industry sources.

Fox Business: Would an American Airlines-US Airways Merger Be Bad for Travelers?

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica talks to Fox Business on how the potential merger between American Airlines and US Airways would impact flyers.

TIME: 9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

In travel, cheap doesn't have to mean bad. No matter where you're going, there are plenty of simple ways to cut expenses and still enjoy the quality vacation you desire.

CNN: Kid-Free 'Quiet Zones' Launched on Airline

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on AirAsia banning under-12s from the first seven rows of economy class on its long-haul flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Nepal.

Real Simple: Vacation Planning Checklist

Thinking about getting out of town? These steps—and sites—will help you plan your trip.

New York Times: A Cheat Sheet for Airline Fees

The airlines seem to have come up with a fee for almost everything these days. Wouldn't it be nice to have a cheat sheet, listing the various fees charged by the major airlines, all in one place? Airfarewatchdog is offering just that on its Web site.
(01/31/2013) 6 Secrets to Scoring a Cheaper Airfare

Whether you're planning to go skiing in Beaver Creek or theme park-hopping in Orlando, here are six ways to score a cheaper airfare.

Los Angeles Times: Airfares' Rate of Climb Not as Steep in 2012

Domestic airfares rose 4.2% last year, compared with 8.5% in 2011 and 13% in 2010. But [Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica predicts] more airlines may adopt carry-on fees in the next year.

Los Angeles Times: Grounding of Dreamliner Won't Have Lasting Impact, Experts Say

Boeing's much-heralded 787 Dreamliner has suffered a series of mechanical problems -- including fires and fuel leaks -- but some experts say the reputation of Boeing and the plane won't suffer long-term damage.

USA Today: Travelers Say They'd Pay for a Hot, In-Flight Meal

Here's one airline fee travelers can apparently stomach. According to a new poll by, which tracks airfares and industry trends, many travelers would pay for a hot, in-flight meal.

Huffington Post: 13 Travel Tweeters to Follow in 2013

Twitter is one of the go-to places for travelers to turn to get information, recommendations and travel inspiration. There are plenty of great travel tweeters to choose from but the 13 below will not disappoint.
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