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ABC Nightline: The mysterious case of missing couple found dead in Belize

ABC's Nightline on the case of the missing couple found dead in Belize.

ABC Nightline: The mysterious case of missing couple found dead in Belize

ABC's Nightline on the case of the missing couple found dead in Belize.

PopSugar: 10 Awesome Travel Websites to Find the Cheapest Flight

We're all familiar with the fun and excitement that comes with planning your next big vacation. But one of the best parts of the planning process is when you manage to find an amazing deal on your flight.

Good Morning America: Flight attendant under investigation for altercation with passenger

Witnesses report seeing an American Airlines flight attendant forcefully remove a passenger's stroller, knocking the passenger in the head and nearly striking one of her children.

Wired: How United Turned the Friendly Skies Into a Flying Hellscape

A slogan may just be a slogan, but at the time, at least, it represented a promise.It is, by now, safe to say that the promise has been broken. The capstone was this week's brutal and bloody eviction of David Dao, a paying customer, for the sin of wanting to remain in the seat that he had paid for.

People: What's Next for United in 'Really, Really, Terribly Bad' Handling of Passenger Dragging Crisis? It Gets Worse

After forcibly removing a passenger who refused to give up his seat on an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday, the airline has faced a firestorm of negative reactions from passengers and the public.

CNN Money: The often-overlooked reason United can kick you off your flight

United Airlines needed extra seats on its plane Sunday night, the airline bumped an unwilling passenger, whom authorities ultimately dragged.

New York Times: Those Pesky Airline Fees and How to Avoid Them

What’s a blanket on a cold airplane worth? Not $12, at least not for one passenger on a recent Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Hawaii.

Marketplace: The Latest Travel Ban Targets Electronic Devices

Administration officials cite security for the new travel restrictions, but they didn’t point to any specific threat.

GQ Australia: How and When to Book Cheap Overseas Flights

Repeated searching for cheap flights is enough in itself to warrant a holiday. Save yourself some time, frustration and (most importantly) the big bucks by reading these helpful tips on booking that flight.

Refinery29: The Best Hacks for Finding a Cheap Flight

The airline industry desperately wants to squeeze as many Benjamins out of us flyers as they can, but you don’t have to fall prey to their price hiking tactics. With the right app, you can save hundreds of dollars on an upcoming trip, with virtually zero effort on your end.

The List: 3 Airline Trends Making Flying More Enjoyable

Flying used to be a luxury, but now travel shoppers look for just one thing and that’s to save money. While most airlines are in a race to the bottom line, some carriers are bringing back the perks that used to make flying fun.

New York Times: Where to Go for Spring Break

Attention, procrastinators: It’s still not too late to book a spring break trip. A combination of lower airfares, a strong dollar and a late Easter holiday means it’s still possible to nab a getaway for less.

New York Times: Fewer Niceties, Similar Price: Airlines Turn to 'Basic Economy' Fares

When is a new, budget offering actually a hidden increase in overall cost? When the airline industry introduces new economy fares.

NBC News: American Airlines Starts Selling 'Basic Economy' Fares

If you don’t mind giving up using the overhead bins and only finding out your seat assignment at the last minute, has American Airlines got a deal for you. The legacy carrier began selling its new no-frills "Basic Economy" fares on ten routes out of a handful of markets this morning.

TheStreet: 10 Prime Off-Peak Winter Travel Destinations

From Dubai to Dallas, locations around the world see a huge drop in demand during the winter months. That leads to huge discounts for savvy travelers.

Lifehacker: Get to the Airport Extra Early in a Winter Storm for First Dibs on a New Flight

If you have a flight that’s likely to be delayed, get to the airport extra early, not just to beat the lines, but also to make sure you get dibs on a new flight.

Travel + Leisure: These New Booking Tools Will Get You Serious Perks with Your Next Hotel Stay

With more and more ways to search for hotel rooms, finding the right one has only gotten harder. These three companies aim to streamline the process—and save you money.

CNN: Hidden Travel Fees and How to Avoid Them

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica discusses the secret cost of travel.

Travel + Leisure: Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money in 2017

To help you travel better in 2017, we've compiled our favorite travel hacks we learned this year.

Condé Nast Traveler: The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica comments on whether there really is an optimal time to buy airline tickets.

Daily Mail: Could 'Widebody' Passenger Planes End Jet Lag?

Jet lag starts to creep up on travelers once the plane hits altitudes above 6,500 feet. However, two new wide-body airplanes, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350, may have cracked the code to stopping this phenomenon.

MONEY: 5 Tips to Help You Find the Cheapest Flights in 2017

To some extent, paying more for airfare may be unavoidable. But there are steps travelers can take to minimize airline travel costs.

Bustle: 35 Little Ways to Save Money in 2017

Here are 35 little ways to save money in 2017, because being broke sucks.
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