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Best Weekend Flight Deals to Popular Destinations
Thu, Sep 05 - Sun, Sep 08
Fri, Aug 23 - Mon, Aug 26
Fri, Aug 23 - Sun, Aug 25
Thu, Sep 05 - Tue, Sep 10
Thu, Sep 19 - Sun, Sep 22
Thu, Aug 29 - Sun, Sep 01
Thu, Sep 12 - Sun, Sep 15
Fri, Sep 20 - Sun, Sep 22
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How to Find Cheap Airfare for Weekend Getaways Are you looking for an impromptu getaway? Build a better weekend by letting our Weekender tool do the heaving lifting. We’ve generated our best list of the cheapest round‐trip flight deals we found today for upcoming weekend travel. Read More
Here’s how it works: enter your departure city and we’ll show you where to go based on popular destinations that are short‐flights away and have great deals available on airfare. To maximize your stay, all deals are for a 2 or 3‐night stay and depart on a Thursday or Friday. If you have a specific destination in mind, the Weekender will give a rundown on which weekends we’ve seen the cheapest fares. Once you’ve selected a flight, add a hotel to your trip and you’ve put together a weekend getaway in no time.