A note from home, just in case

Q. What type of documentation does a grandparent need to take her grandchild on a plane trip. Also, what type of documentation would be needed if only one parent is flying with a child when the parents aren’t married? I always insist on a letter from the other parent and I make sure that it is notarized. The kids tell me I am going overboard, but I would hate to get them there but unable to get them back without the proper documents. I also make them fill out a medical form in case of emergencies.

A. Doesn't sound overboard to us, not one bit. You should always travel with a notarized letter of parental consent, when traveling with children who are not accompanied by both their birth parents, especially when traveling to a foreign destination. In this day and age it can save you lots of grief and prevent the trip from being a no-go situation.