7-Day Click 'n Save Sale from Southwest

Southwest's latest 7-day Click 'n Save Sale is valid for travel every day of the week except Fridays and Sunday, through June 29. Tickets require a 14-day advance purchase. No minimum stay requirements. Avoid blackout dates on May 26, May 30, and May 31. 

Tickets must be booked by 11:59pm PT, May 2. Fares include:

Minneapolis to Denver $204 round-trip

Phoenix to Las Vegas $148 round-trip

Los Angeles to Las Vegas $128 round-trip

Seattle to Denver $244 round-trip

Tucson to Los Angeles $220 round-trip

Nashville to Detroit $240 round-trip

Pittsburgh to Boston $98 round-trip

Raleigh to Boston $128 round-trip

Columbus to Chicago $148 round-trip

St Louis to Kansas City $148 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Seattle $204 round-trip 

San Diego to Phoenix $148 round-trip

Chicago to Charleston $280 round-trip