Nationwide Sale from American Airlines

American Airlines' new nationwide sale is good for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, through November 16. Fares must be purchased at least 10 days before departure, or within 1 day of making a reservation, whichever comes first.

A Saturday-night minimum stay may be required. Seats are limited and may not be available on all dates.

Fares include:

Chicago to Baton Rouge $258 round-trip

Baton Rouge to Pittsburgh $204 round-trip

Witchita to Columbia $218 round-trip

New York to Champaign $258 round-trip

Champaign to Philadelphia $238 round-trip

Dayton to Lubbock $258 round-trip

Dallas to Augusta $268 round-trip

Boston to Lake Charles $230 round-trip

Lafayette to Chicago $278 round-trip

Mobile to Columbus $188 round-trip

Peoria to Boston $238 round-trip

Pensacola to New York $198 round-trip

Springfield to Milwaukee $158 round-trip