Interesting results from the first annual Airfarewatchdog consumer survey

The results are in from our first annual reader poll, and here are some of the more interesting findings.

--83% of respondents have traveled with children in the past 12 months; However, 68% think there should be a separate section of the plane for passengers traveling with kids.
--Only 51% think pets should be allowed to fly in the cabin. (Is this because people have allergies? Or have there been “accidents” we don’t know about?).
--By a large margin, respondents said that Delta has the rudest flight attendants, followed by United.
--Overwhelmingly, they said Southwest has the nicest flight attendants, and that flight attendant attitude was an important factor.
--What do our respondents hate most about flying? You guessed it: Paying fees.
--And speaking of fees, when asked “If you had to pay a fee for a carry-on bag, would you bring one on to the plane,” 62% answered no.
--And when asked their biggest fear about dealing with a potential seatmate, the number one answer was “sick or coughing” followed by “overweight.”
--We also liked this one: when asked how they’d stop a child seated behind them from kicking the seat, the vast majority said they’d politely ask the offender to stop. Complaining to the flight attendant was the number two answer. (We're not so sure if speaking directly to a child is the way to go, though).
--And not surprisingly, 99% answered that price was “important” or “extremely” important when booking a flight. I guess we didn’t really need to ask that one. After all, these are Airfarewatchdog subscribers!