When looking to fill those final hours before departure time, hotel guests can always leave their luggage with the concierge and squeeze in some last minute sightseeing. But that’s not an option for today’s travelers who often choose to book apartment stays over hotels.

Most major airports do offer some sort of baggage storage, though using it would require schlepping all the way there and back, that is if you still want to spend some time exploring the city before your flight. That’s only slightly more annoying than dragging your luggage around behind you for a few hours.

Depending on what city you happen to be in, there are alternatives to being shackled to your bag before a flight.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a growing number of services that connect bag-strapped travelers with local hotels, cafes, shops, and other businesses willing to look after your belongings for a couple of hours or even a few days.

Previously operating throughout New York, London, and Copenhagen, bag minding service LuggageHero will soon expand to include 1,700 additional storage locations across 36 new cities. Travelers in Boston, Chicago, Montreal, and San Francisco can make use of LuggageHero vetted locations starting this spring, followed by Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris and Rome.

In New York, travelers pay $1 per hour per bag, or $10 per day, plus a handling fee of $2 per bag. The businesses watching after the bags receive a cut, along with the potential revenue from travelers who might decide to order a coffee or buy some small little something for the road.

All bags are secured with tamper-proof seals. And yes, bags are insured up to $3,000 per bag, though that figure will fluctuate slightly depending on the city. Electronics and valuables are, of course, excluded, as is the case with airline insurance.

You can find the complete list of available locations at LuggageHero.com.


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