11 Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Book This Halloween

Halloween is next week, and the haunted houses and hayrides are in full gear. While most of those are staged, you can try your hand at seeing a real ghost at several haunted hotels around the world.

11 Spookiest Haunted Hotels in the World

Below are 11 haunted hotels for aspiring ghost hunters or skeptics hoping to be swayed.  

Hollywood Roosevelt - Los Angeles

If you’ve ever been sad you never had your chance to meet Marilyn Monroe or Montgomery Clift, you may want to stay at the Roosevelt. Monroe and Clift are rumored to haunt the hotel, as are the spirits of a little girl, a swimmer, and other former guests playing pranks on current visitors. An added bonus: it’s located in the heart of Hollywood, close to all of the top tourist spots.

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Ruthin Castle Hotel & Spa - Ruthin, Wales

All castles seem haunted, and the Ruthin Castle is no different. Dating back to the 1200’s, Lady Grey, who was once a resident, reportedly still wanders the halls. According to legend, she killed her husband after she found out he was having an affair, and was later put to death for the crime. There are other eerie tales, from orbs to screams at night, giving you many chances to experience something. After a night of ghost hunting, you can spend the day relaxing in the castle’s Moat Spa. Located in northern Wales, the castle is about an hour from Manchester airport.

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Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast - Fall River, MA

Hauntings aside, this bed and breakfast makes for a creepy place to stay. This is th house where the famed Lizzie Borden murders took place in 1892, and both Lizzie’s father and stepmother have been seen and heard here. LIzzie herself has also appeared in the basement. Hear a cat during your visit? It might just be the cat that was killed shortly before Abby and Andrew Borden. You can rent the whole house for you and 19 of your closest friends, rent an entire floor, or an individual room. Guests receive a complimentary 1.5 hour tour of the house. Located just over a half hour from T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI.

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Karosta Prison Hotel - Liepaja, Latvia

A prison hotel? Like castles, prisons seem likely to be haunted. With doors that open by themselves, tales of former prisoners roaming the halls, and sleeping in a cell, you may not get the best night’s rest, but you are sure to have some stories to tell if you stay here! With a show, an escape room, a spy game, a tour, and a buffet with “authentic prison food,” you’ll have quite an experience at Karosta. At only 17 Euros/night to stay, it may be too hard to pass up. Located on Latvia’s west coast, about 3 hours from Riga.

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Hotel Provincial - New Orleans, LA

I actually have a friend who stayed here and experience paranormal activity involving faucets turning on by themselves, invisible footsteps, and mysterious banging around the room.  It is made up of 5 buildings, one of which was a confederate hospital during the Civil War, and another first used by nuns. Several soldiers are thought to haunt the buildings, and some guests have reported the elevator doors opening to momentarily reveal an entire hospital floor from time to time.

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Hotel Burchianti - Florence, Italy

A hotel that Mussolini once stayed in, the Hotel Burchianti has loads of reported sightings, from ghostly children to a woman knitting in a chair, you’re in for a true evening of spookiness if you choose to stay here. Located in the heart of Florence.

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Ballygally Castle - Ballygally, Northern Ireland

Stay at the Ballygally Castle and you may get a knock on your door by Lady Isabella Shaw, who fell to her death from one of the castle windows. There are also reports of children running in the halls. You can even stay in the “ghost room,” Lady Isabella’s room. The hotel’s website asks for your testimonials after you’ve stayed in the ghost room. Located on the gorgeous coast of Northern Ireland, less than an hour from Belfast.

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The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado

Did you think I was going to forget to add this one? Of course not! The inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, when King was staying there in the 70s he had a dream of his 3 year old son running down one of the hotels long corridors, screaming. And thus, a house of horrors was born. The actual spirits seem to be less sinister than the film leads you to believe. The hotel’s original owner, Oscar Stanley and his wife are still around, and are friendly to guests. Whether it’s for the history of the hotel or for the reported paranormal activity, it’s a good one for your list. Located about an hour and a half from Denver.

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Logan Inn - New Hope, PA

With at least a whopping 8 ghosts said to be hanging around the rooms, the Logan Inn is a must for ghost hunters. Mist appears out of nowhere. Giggling children show up in rooms. You may be sleeping with one eye open when you stay here. Located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, you’ll have plenty to do when you aren’t walking around the inn with your EVP recorder. Located about an hour from Philadelphia.

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Nob Hill Hotel - San Francisco, CA

Originally built as a private home, Nob Hill is abound with prankster ghosts: flickering lights, doors opening and shutting, items going missing. It’s all part of the fun! There was even a reported sighting of a woman in period clothing in the wine cellar.

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Savoy Hotel - Uttarakhand, India

Site of an unsolved murder in 1911, the Savoy was the inspiration behind Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Quite frankly, if it’s good enough for Agatha Christie, it’s good enough for me. Frances Garnett-Orme, famed spiritualist, was found dead by poison in her room in 1911, and apparently still wanders the hotel today. Located about an hour and a half from Dehradun Airport.

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